Years 11 & 12

Year 11 and 12 Maths Videos

General Mathematics (T) Curriculum

Unit 1Consumer ArithmeticYouTube Playlist
Linear and non-linear expressionsYouTube Playlist
Matrices and matrix arithmeticYouTube Playlist
Pythagoras’ Theorem & MensurationYouTube Playlist
Similar figures and scale factorsYouTube Playlist
Unit 2Univariate data analysis YouTube Playlist
Applications of trigonometryYouTube Playlist
Linear equations and their graphsYouTube Playlist
Unit 3Bivariate data analysisYouTube Playlist
Growth and decay in sequencesYouTube Playlist
Graphs and networksYouTube Playlist
Unit 4Time series analysisYouTube Playlist
Loans, investments and annuitiesYouTube Playlist
 Networks and decision mathematicsYouTube Playlist
Full video curriculum for General Maths (previously Mathematical Applications) for the Australian Curriculum

Essential (A) Mathematics Curriculum

Unit 1Topic 1: Calculations, percentages and ratesYouTube Playlist
Topic 2: MeasurementYouTube Playlist
Topic 3: AlgebraYouTube Playlist
Topic 4: GraphsYouTube Playlist
Unit 2Topic 1: Representing and comparing dataYouTube Playlist
Topic 2: PercentagesYouTube Playlist
Topic 3: Rates and ratiosYouTube Playlist
Topic 4: Time and motionYouTube Playlist
Unit 3coming soon..we hope!
Unit 4coming soon..we hope!
Full video curriculum for Essential Maths for the Australian Curriculum

Maths Methods and Specialist Mathematics

For Maths Methods and the higher levels: we’re sorry, but it might take us a while to get to creating videos for your courses. Can we suggest this site – it’s not connected to us at all – it’s just another Aussie Maths teacher doing good work.

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