Year 9

Year 9 Maths Curriculum

Hi Year 9 students, parents and everyone. Here’s the Year 9 Curriculum for Australian Maths students…from start to (just about) finish!

Click on the playlist link to be taken to short, clear videos covering each topic from start to finish. I’m just finalising the last few topic playlists… they’ll be up any day.

Topic 1: Pythagoras’ TheoremYouTube Playlist
Topic 2: Similar shapesYouTube Playlist
Topic 3: TrigonometryYouTube Playlist
Topic 4: Index laws and scientific notationYouTube Playlist
Topic 5: Linear RelationsYouTube Playlist
Topic 6: Finance: simple interestYouTube Playlist
Topic 7: MeasurementYouTube Playlist
Topic 8: ProbabilityYouTube Playlist
Topic 9: StatisticsYouTube Playlist
Topic 10: Algebra: expanding and factorisingYouTube Playlist
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