Year 8

Year 8 Maths Curriculum

Hi Year 8 students, parents and everyone else. Here’s the full Maths curriculum for Year 8 Australian Students. Click on the playlist link to be taken to short, clear videos covering each topic from start to finish.

Topic 1: Directed NumberYouTube Playlist
Topic 2: Fractions and DecimalsYouTube Playlist
Topic 3: PercentagesYouTube Playlist
Topic 4: AlgebraYouTube Playlist
Topic 5: ProbabilityYouTube Playlist
Topic 6: Linear GraphsYouTube Playlist
Topic 7: StatisticsYouTube Playlist
Topic 8: Rates, Ratios and TimeYouTube Playlist
Topic 9: Index LawsYouTube Playlist
Topic 10: Perimeter, Area & VolumeYouTube Playlist
Topic 11: CongruenceYouTube Playlist
Topics and worksheets for Year 8 Mathematics

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