Year 10

Year 10 Maths Curriculum

I’ve created two sets of playlists: one that works through the core standard content of Year 10 at a slower page, and one that’s faster and more in-depth, to be followed by the 10A curriculum

Hi Year 10 students, parents and everyone else. Here’s the Maths curriculum for Year 10 Australian Students. Click on the playlist link to be taken to short, clear videos covering each topic from start to finish. I’m just finalising the last few topic playlists… they’ll be up any day!

Year 10 Core Course

Money and finance: compound interestYouTube Playlist
Pythagoras’ TheoremYouTube Playlist
TrigonometryYouTube Playlist
MeasurementYouTube Playlist
Algebra: expanding and factorisingYouTube Playlist
Algebra: Index lawsYouTube Playlist
Linear graphsYouTube Playlist
Algebra: equations, inequations and formulasYouTube Playlist
Non-linear graphsYouTube Playlist
ProbabilityYouTube Playlist
StatisticsYouTube Playlist
GeometryYouTube Playlist

10 Core Curriculum for Extension/10A classes

Topic 1Money and finance: compound interestYouTube Playlist
Topic 2Pythagoras and TrigonometryYouTube Playlist
Topic 3Measurement and CongruenceYouTube Playlist
Algebra: Index lawsYouTube Playlist
Probability and StatisticsYouTube Playlist
Linear relations: graphs, equations, inequationsYouTube Playlist
FactorisingYouTube Playlist

10 A Curriculum

Topic 13D Pythagoras and non-right angled TrigonometryYouTube Playlist
Topic 2MeasurementYouTube Playlist
Topic 3Surds and Fractional IndicesYouTube Playlist
Topic 4Linear and Non-linear relationshipsYouTube Playlist
Topic 5LogarithmsYouTube Playlist
Topic 6Probability and Statistics
Topic 7Factorising
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