How to use Australian Maths Videos:

…for self-motivated students:

My videos were designed to let me help my maths-avoidant students get started, while letting my self-motivated students start learning independently. Eventually each year group will have the full Australian Maths Curriculum online, in a meaningful order. Students can find videos to help master a specific concept, or work through the whole year’s content at their own pace: consolidating their in-class learning.

…for students who struggle:

Students who struggle with maths or with focus in class are likely to need some help getting started with my videos. In a classroom I’d be checking in with these students early each lesson – helping them engage with the video, talking through the concepts with them, and getting them started with their work. Parents/helpers at home can do the same. The majority of my “maths-avoidant” students had a deep fear of being seen to fail – if they didn’t start, nobody would see them struggle. These students will need help to get started.

If you can:

  • start either at the beginning of the year’s curriculum, or at the beginning of the topic your child is currently studying
  • sit with your child and watch the video together. Pause the video before each example, write (or encourage them to write) the question, then check in after the demonstration – do you need to watch it again?
  • Work through the worksheet with them (when it’s available). Help them access the answers, check their work with them, and celebrate successes – praise works!
  • Develop a routine: a couple of days a week – work through another maths lesson. Students who are supported to learn early on can gradually become more independent learners.

…as a maths tutor substitute:

I know maths tutors are expensive. One-on-one instruction is great but not everyone has access to it. Whether your child is a self-starter or needs support to learn, you can use the videos and worksheets as a year-long maths tutoring course.

…for home-schooled students:

Whether your children have always been home-schooled, or they’re newly out of the classroom due to the risk of COVID-19, my videos cover the whole Secondary Maths curriculum, in order, with extension options for many concepts.

…for your own learning:

Many of us struggled with maths in school and feel intimidated and helpless when faced with maths problems, either our children’s homework, or our everyday life issues. I’ve shared my courses with many adult friends who needed to improve their maths skills – it’s never too late to learn. I’m “not good at maths” … I’ve got awful working memory, I mix up numerals in speaking and writing, I freeze when I see unknown symbols. If you get me on a bad day I’ll panic if you ask me for 6 x 7 … and yet: I’ve taught and used maths for over 20 years. You can do it!

Have my videos made a difference?

If you can spare it, any donation would be much appreciated. I’m committed to keeping the site and the videos ad-free and free to use. Donations from users help with running costs and adding more resources.

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