For Teachers

For Teachers

For now I’ve just focused on getting the basics online. While many students may use the site for independent learning at home, I’d love to see teachers making use of the resources to take the strain off teaching and learning in COVID times.

Until I get to update the site to be more useful to classroom teachers – please access resources at the student page.

How can we help?

I’ll be getting worksheets online soon that are aligned with each video. These can be set for a relief/casual teacher to use in class…posted on the Learning Management System…emailed home…whatever helps to remove the difficulties faced by maths teachers and students right now.

Teacher packs will have the links to worked answers removed from each worksheet page. I’ll also hope to publish each worksheet and answer page as a separate pdf to enable easy posting to class pages. It’s taking a lot of work and money to get the site and videos online, so any donations will be gratefully received and will let me keep adding resources and functionality to the site.

If you’ve got other suggestions for videos or resources you’d like to see here, please drop me a line.

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