Free videos and worksheets for the Australian Secondary Maths curriculum

removing barriers to maths learning with full year video courses and worksheets


In 20+ years in Australian maths classrooms…

…I’ve found that many of the barriers to learning and achieving in maths can be removed. As COVID-19 leaves our schools short on staff and our students at home, there’s more barriers than ever to maths learning. Not all Australian families can afford maths tutors to fill in the gaps in learning. As a passionate maths teacher focused on bridging gaps and removing barriers – I’m doing what I can to bring accessible, meaningful and manageable maths learning into homes. My system of short, clear videos matched to printable worksheets… without any extra bells and whistles … has been tested and refined over years in the classroom. I’m glad I can share it with you!

What next? Videos are just the start…

Worksheets aligned to each video provide meaningful, manageable maths work, at home or in class
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